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Stucco Repairs 101 

If you need to cut a hole in your stucco, or have to make a small repair, how easy is it to repair?

Well, that depends on a number of factors, The texture, the colour and the location of the patch are all factors that influence the results of stucco patching.

In general, we normally tell people to expect that the patch will be visible after the repairs have been made. Our job is to attempt to  make the repair visible from 5 feet rather than 50 feet. If you want to ensure that a patch can not be seen, then the entire wall should be resurfaced.

The most difficult stucco to repair is probably one of the most common finishes in Victoria on older houses. Rock dash stucco which is the stucco with rocks, glass and sometimes seashells thrown into it, can be very difficult to repair. Please, before you cut into your stucco, send us a digital photo or invite us out to look at your project.  We can tell you what sort of results to expect from patching and you can plan your job accordingly. We often receive calls to look at projects that are complete. Many of these people are shocked to hear that we can't just wave a magic trowel over their walls and make it perfect.

A long forgotten sage once commented that 90% of all surprises in construction .. are bad. (It may be closer to 100%.)


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