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Drive By List 

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Victoria and Oak Bay Area

2645 Cranmore Rd.         Dark Mountain Mist

1927 St. Ann St.              Dark Mountain Mist

1287 Rockland Ave.         Dark Slate

1896 Allenby Rd.              Light Bristol Cream

1759 Carrick St.               Light Coastal Tan

1737 Newton St.              Light Colonial Marble

4175 Douglas St.               Light Colonial Marble

812 Linkleas Ave.             Light French Grey

2383 Dunlevy St.             Light Harvest Gold

2371 Lansdowne Rd.         Light Santa Fe

1441 Westall Ave.            Light Santa Fe

2564 Dunlevy St.              Light Shadow Grey

1538 Brook St.                 Light Shadow Grey

2303 Florence St.             Light Taupe

305 St. Charles St.           Medium Bristol Cream

2064 Allenby Rd.              Medium Harvest Gold

1961 Neil St.                    Medium Peach

670 Linkleas Ave              Medium Silverado

2714 Dorset Rd.               Medium Silverado

1451 Westall Ave             Medium Slate

1234 Basil Ave.                 Medium Suede

2237 Estevan Ave.            Medium Suede

2728 Dunlevy St.               Medium Taupe

1982 Neil St.                     Medium Taupe

1841 Haultain St.              Medium Venetian Yellow

2557 Vancouver St.           Medium Venetian Yellow

1723 Denman                   Chocolate Cigar [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

2702 Forbes                      Light Harvest Gold

2174 Guernsey Street        Medium Taupe

2835 Fifth St                      Prairie Shadow [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

1213 Finlayson                European Twilight [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

1277 Rockland                 Oxford Leather [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

2245 Windsor                  Marigold-Throw dash finish [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

237 Wildwood                  Medium Mountain Mist  - California finish

2091 Kings Rd                 Light Mountain Mist - Spray finish

1662 Earle St.                 Medium Colonial Marble - California finish

Saanich and Area

4231 Interurban Rd.          Light Shadow Grey

320 Kamloops Ave.            White

141 Homer Rd.                   Light French Grey

4275 Eastridge Crescent   Light Colonial Marble

326 Obed Ave.                   Light Colonial Marble

3144 Mars St.                    Light Desert Plum

649 Baxter Ave.                 Light Desert Sand [colour discontinued]

584 Broadway St.              Light Desert Sand [colour discontinued]

3961 Carey Rd.                  Light Desert Sand [colour discontinued]   

1058 Lodge Ave.                Light Desert Sand [colour discontinued]    

4119 Carey Rd.                  Light Desert Sand [colour discontinued]     

4164 Borden St.                 LIght Haze [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

3661 Saanich Rd.               Light Heritage Blue

3741 Winston Crescent      Light Heritage Blue

3535 Calumet Ave.             Light Mirage

966 Lovat Ave.                    Light Mirage

3861 Savannah Ave.           Light Mirage 

639 Roseridge Place           Light Mushroom [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

3700 Casey Dr.                   Light Peach

854 Leslie Dr.                      Light Peach

3746 Seaton St.                  Light Santa Fe

795 Tulip Ave.                     Light Santa Fe

4883 Searidge Dr.              Light Santa Fe

537 Broadway Ave.            Light Shadow Grey

3080 Donald St.                 Light Shadow Grey

980 Falmouth Rd.               Light Shadow Grey

3959 Nelthorpe St.             Light Shadow Grey

3164 Balfour Ave.               Light Silverado

1005 Nickolson St.              Light Taupe

245/247 Regina Ave.          Light Taupe

3770 Craigmiller Ave.          Light/Medium Desert Sand     [colour discontinued]          

3710 Winston Crescent      Light/Medium Desert Sand       [colour discontinued]                 

3022 Harriet Rd.                  Light/ Medium Haze  [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

4066 Hodgson Place            Light Slate

211 Kamloops Ave.              Medium Canyon Brush

4225 Blenkinsop Rd.            Medium Desert Plum

318 Davida St.                     Medium Harvest Gold 

281 Homer Rd.                     Medium Haze [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

832 Seven Oaks Rd.            Medium Ivory

588 Broadway Ave.              Medium Santa Fe

551 Agnes St.                       Medium Shadow Grey

679 Baxter Ave.                    Medium Shadow Grey

3278 Wicklow St.                  Medium Shadow Grey

116 Maddock Ave. E              Medium Shadow Grey

260 Nicola Plc.                       Medium Shadow Grey

4093 Quadra St.                   Medium Shadow Grey

3272 Seaton St.                   Medium Silverado

413 Obed Ave.                     Medium Slate

1071 Burnside Rd. W           Medium Sunlit Almond         

3132 Irma St.                       Medium Taupe

2548 Elliston Ave.                Medium Taupe

4011 McLellan St.                Medium Venetian Yellow

988 Gorge Rd. W                 Medium Venetian Yellow

619 Baxter Ave.                   White

3962 Carey Rd                     White

851 Snowdrop Ave.              White 

1925 Leyns Road              Acapulco River  [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

3146 Quadra Street            Manzanillo [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

621 Sedge Road                Dark Slate

991 Abbey Road                 Dark Slate

2941 Earl Grey Street        Medium Taupe

3094 Albany St                 Medium Taupe

630 Davida Plc.                Top-Chantilly Lace, Bottom Acapulco River -skip trowel finish  [colours 
discontinued 10/27/08]

807 Leslie Dr          Medium Mountain Mist - California finish

Cedar Hill and Area 

3124 Quadra St.                Dark Santa Fe

1564 North Dairy Rd.         Light Bristol Cream

1564 Oakcrest Dr.            Light Bristol Cream

1691 Stanhope Plc.          Light Bristol Cream

1284 Filmer Rd.                Light Coastal Tan

1574 Pear St.                  Light Coastal Tan

1659 Oakland Ave.           Light Desert Plum

3500 Quadra St.              Light Fawn    [colour discontinued]      

1771 Veda Plc.                 Light Haze    [colour discontinued]       

3900 Ascot Dr.                       Light Heritage Blue

1518 Mortimer St.                  Light Heritage Blue

1780 Keith Plc.                       Light Ivory

3225 Kingsley St.                   Light Ivory

3228 Kingsley St.                   Light Ivory

3921 Lasalle St.                     Light Ivory

1066 San Marino Crescent     Light Ivory

974 Ambassador Ave.            Light Moonlight      [colour discontinued]   

2934 Cedar Hill Rd.                Light Moonlight  [colour discontinued]     

3221 Kingsley St.                   Light Peach

3220 Frechette St.                 Light Santa Fe

3595 James Heights              Light Santa Fe

1291 Tracksell Ave                 Light Santa Fe

2960 Doncaster Dr.                Light Shadow Grey  

1480 Stroud Rd.                     Light Shadow Grey

1111 Glenora Plc.                   Light Silverado

4066 Hodgson Plc.                 Light Slate  

1506 Oakcrest Dr.                  Light Taupe

3204 Aldridge Rd.                   Light Venetian Yellow

1291 Derby Rd.                       Light Venetian Yellow

3440 Doncaster Dr.                 Light Venetian Yellow

1224 Judge Plc.                       Light/Medium Desert Sand      [colour discontinued]  

1656 Garnet Rd.                      Light/Medium Desert Sand   [colour discontinued]    

3211 Kingsley St.                    Light/Medium Taupe

3832 Cedar Hill Cross Rd.       Medium Colonial Marble

3430 Bonair Plc.                      Medium Haze   [colour discontinued]   

1295 Derby Rd.                       Medium Santa Fe

3621 Kathleen St.                   Medium Santa Fe

1295 Camrose Crescent         Medium Shadow Grey

2555 Chelsea Plc.                   Medium Shadow Grey

3814 Merriman Dr.                  Medium Shadow Grey

4180 Bracken                          Medium Shadow Grey

1679 Derby Rd.                       Medium Silverado

3433 Maplewood Rd.              Medium Silverado

1198 Union Rd.                       Medium Silverado

3313 Aldridge St.                    Medium Taupe

1687 Stanhope Plc.                 Medium Taupe

3305 Kingsley                         Medium Venetian Yellow 

1710 North Dairy Rd.              Medium Venetian Yellow

1440 Ocean View                   White

1670 McRae Ave.                    White

3130 Service St.                     White

Esquimalt Area

836 Rockheights                Light Dune

1141 Greenwood Ave          Light Empire Quartz

1135 Lockley Rd.                Light Venetian Yellow

846 Carrie St.                    Med/Dark Shadow Grey

2811 Rockwell Ave.             Medium Harvest Gold 

1108 Wychbury Ave             Light Coastal Tan

911 Sioux Plc.                     Light Venetian Yellow

519 Joffre                          Pinot Gris [colour discontinued 10/27/08]

361 Lampson St.               Medium Slate - skip trowel finish

10 Phillion Plc.            Light Slate - California finish

Gordon Head/University Heights and Area

1818 San Juan Ave.            Dark Slate

4455 Narvaez Crescent        Dark Slate

3773 Waring Plc.                 Dark Venetian Yellow

3864 Gordon Head Rd.          Light Bristol Cream

1578 Fremont Plc.                Light Coastal Tan 

4171 Longview Dr.                Light Coastal Tan

4100 Gordon Head Rd.           Light Coastal Tan

4447 Narvaez Crescent          Light Colonial Marble

3363 Gibbs Rd                      Light Desert Plum

3219 Woodburn Ave.             Light Desert Plum

1934 Waterloo Rd.                Light Desert Sand    [colour discontinued]    

3614 Cadboro Bay Rd.           Light Ivory

4054 Dawnview                    Light Ivory

2605 Killarney                       Light Ivory

3778 Cadboro Bay Rd.             Light Mirage

4402 Columbia Dr.                 Light Mushroom     [colour discontinued]   

1800 Jade Plc.                      Light Mushroom   [colour discontinued]     

1627 Agnew St.                    Light Shadow Grey

1703 Ash Rd.                        Light Shadow Grey

1586 Bonita Plc.                    Light Shadow Grey

3459 Plymouh Rd.                  Light Silverado

3919 Cedar Hill Rd.                     Light Silverado

1827 Hillcrest Ave.                       Light Slate

3368 Gibbs Rd                             Light Taupe

2298 Greenlands                         Light Taupe

4321 Houlihan                             Light Taupe

1625 Sheridan Ave.                     Medium Bristol Cream

4445 Torquay Dr.                         Medium Canyon Beach   [colour discontinued]     

1685 Howroyd Ave.                     Medium Colonial Marble

3727 Stamboul St.                       Medium Fawn    [colour discontinued]     

1743 Triest Crescent                   Medium Fawn    [colour discontinued]   

2332 Holyhill Plc.                         Medium Heritage Blue

1740 Triest Crescent                   Medium Shadow Grey

3840 Haro Rd.                             Medium Shadow Grey

3205 Upper Terrace Rd.              Medium Silverado

1885 Watson St.                         Medium Silverado

1919 Sierra Plc.                           Medium Suede

1623 Dougall                               Medium Taupe

1626 Alderwood St.                    White

1935 Casa Marcia Crescent        White

4254 Thornhill Crescent              White

1579 Fremont Pl.                     Serenity   [colour discontinued 10/27/08]   

Saanich Peninsula, Sidney and Area

770 Patrick Plc.                     Light Bristol Cream

1954 Dean Park Rd.                Light Silverado

1144 Palmer Rd.                     Medium Colonial Marble

2270 Weiler Ave.                    Medium Heritage Blue

2448 Beacon Ave.                  Medium Shadow Grey

9617 6th St.                          Medium Slate

11317 Ravens Croft Lane         Medium Suede

8511 Bexley Terr.                   Medium Suede

9580 5th St.                          White 


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63 Kingham Place                     Dark Valley Wine


























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