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Stucco Colour Charts

Imasco offers a broad palette of 87 cement stucco colours. Each one of our regular Premix Colours (colours noted with a "P" in the colour code) can be mixed at different strengths to provide a range of shades, from light to dark. Our Artisan Premix Colours (colours noted with an "A" in the colour code) however must always be mixed at full strength.

Note: Colour indication is approximate. Variations occur due to texture, weather, job conditions and application.

Light (1P)
Medium (3P)
Dark (6P)
Artisan (6A)

Light (1P)

Lemon Drops 11-1P Marmalade Mist
Serenity 16-1P Greenwich Village
Pagan Stone 24-1P Artic Berries
Metropolitan Shade 25-1P Crème de la Cream
Prairie Shadow 46-1P Venus Light
Southern Charm 53-1P Balinese Dream
Autumn Star 56-1P Winter Lace
Bohemian Rose 131-1P Shakespeare's Romance
Rootbeer Float 132-1P European Twilight
Rainforest Dreams 133-1P Swiss Village
Wiccan Earth 134-1P Caribbean Breeze
Huckleberry Lemonade 135-1P Chantilly Lace
Pinot Gris 136-1P Pinot Gris
Chantilly Lace 138-1P Huckleberry Lemonade
Caribbean Breeze 139-1P Wiccan Earth
Swiss Village 271-1P Rainforest Dreams
European Twilight 274-1P Rootbeer Float
Shakespeare's Romance 283-1P Bohemian Rose
Winter Lace 284-1P Autumn Star
Balinese Dream 286-1P Southern Charm
Venus Light 504-1P Prairie Shadow
Crème de la Cream 649-1P Metropolitan Shade
Artic Berries 820-1P Pagan Stone
Greenwich Village 830-1P Serenity
Marmalade Mist 855-1P Lemon Drops

Medium (3P)

Amarulla 24-3P Amarulla
Summer Solstice 25-3P Summer Solstice
Desert Whisper 46-3P Desert Whisper
Frosted Dawn 53-3P Frosted Dawn
Palladian Silhouette 56-3P Palladian Silhouette
Solar Wind 133-3P Solar Wind
Raspberry Dreams 138-3P Raspberry Dreams
Tragic Lace 139-3P Tragic Lace
Acapulco River 271-3P Acapulco River
Majestic Walnut 274-3P Majestic Walnut
Mystic Oak 283-3P Mystic Oak
Beach Serenade 284-3P Beach Serenade
Chicory Spice 286-3P Chicory Spice
Polar Star 504-3P Polar Star
Cream Cacao 649-3P Cream Cacao
Sierra Springs 820-3P Sierra Springs
Oxford Leather 830-3P Oxford Leather
Bashful Marigold 855-3P Bashful Marigold

Dark (6P)

Crystal White 10-6P Crystal White
Salmon 11-6P Salmon
Shadow Grey 16-6P Shadow Grey
Santa Fe 24-6P Santa Fe
Taupe 25-6P Taupe
Harvest Gold 46-6P Harvest Gold
Ivory 53-6P Ivory
French Grey 56-6P French Grey
Mountain Mist 131-6P Mountain Mist
Silverado 132-6P Silverado
Valley Wine 133-6P Valley Wine
Bristol Cream 134-6P Bristol Cream
Empire Quartz 135-6P Empire Quartz
Canyon Brush 136-6P Canyon Brush
Colonial Marble 139-6P Colonial Marble
Atlantis 271-6P Atlantis
Velvet Crush 274-6P Velvet Crush
Dakota Bonfire 283-6P Dakota Bonfire
Mocha 284-6P Mocha
Spicy Allure 286-6P Spicy Allure
Heritage Blue 506-6P Heritage Blue
Desert Plum 649-6P Desert Plum
Slate 820-6P Slate
Suede 830-6P Suede
Venetian Yellow 855-6P Venetian Yellow

Artisan (6A)

Pomegranate 208A-6A Pomegranate
Doppio Espresso 218A-6A Doppio Espresso
Tuscan Sun 225A-6A Tuscan Sun
Sepia 230A-6A Sepia
Terra Firma 238A-6A Terra Firma
Machiavelli's Shadow 240A-6A Machiavelli's Shadow
Florentine Gold 245A-6A Florentine Gold
Roman Antiquity 250A-6A Roman Antiquity
Pimento 260A-6A Pimento
Manzanillo 265A-6A Manzanillo
Peanut Butter Chocolate 268A-6A Peanut Butter Chocolate
Eucalyptus 270A-6A Eucalyptus
Sicilian Inferno 275A-6A Sicilian Inferno
Pumpkin Spice Latte 280A-6A Pumpkin Spice Latte
Hawaiian Ginger 290A-6A Hawaiian Ginger
Chocolate Cigar 295A-6A Chocolate Cigar
Whiskey Creek 298A-6A Whiskey Creek
Renaissance Clay 318A-6A Renaissance Clay
Pompeii 330A-6A Pompeii



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