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Q.  "When can stucco be applied?"

A.    In Victoria, we are fortunate to be able to stucco twelve months of the year.  However, the application of stucco is weather dependent. We can apply stucco at 4 degrees C. and higher.


Q.  "We would like a dark colour, can that be done during the winter months?"

A.  Dark colours can have a tendency to be shaded when they dry, due to excessive humidity in the air and therefore it is recommended that Spring, Summer and Fall are ideal conditions for application of darker colours.


Q. "How long will it take to resurface our home?"

A.  Length of time to resurface a house varies with the size of your home. An average size house will take app. 4-5 days.


Q. "The color doesn't match the color on the color chart exactly,why?"

A.  Color chips are ment only as a representation of the colour, you can expect. Color pigments vary between batches when they are manufactured, as do paint colors. Also color samples are shown on a white background, that, combined with being small often make colors appear darker than when they are actually applied.


Q. "We have a new addition, how long will it take to apply a full application of stucco?"

A. Paper, wire, base coats etc. will take app 3-4 days. The base coats need to cure for app. 1 week, at which time we return to complete the finishing coats and on an average size house would be an additional 4-5 days. 


Q.  " We are having new windows installed, when do we need to have stucco patches done?"

A.  Window and door patches to stucco are applied after the completion of the installation process. 

Q. "The texture we have selected is more costly than your regular textures, why is that?"

 A. Our premium textures require an additional cost because they are labor intensive and require more time to apply, and most often require additional materials.  

Q.   "Will the patches, that you apply, match our existing texture and colour exactly?"

A.   Century 21 Stucco crews are experienced in applying patches, and make every effort to match both colour and texture as closely as possible, but an exact match, cannot be guaranteed. 


Q. Our house is stucco, can we paint it?"

A. Yes you can paint, but it is not recommended. The reason is, you will be starting an endless cycle of repainting. The lime in stucco will react with paint and cause it to peel sooner or later, then it is time to either repaint or resurface.


Q. "Would it be cheaper to paint our house, as opposed to resurfacing the stucco?"

A. Painting is somewhat less expensive than resurfacing. However it is false economy because in time you will need to repaint, and in all probability, the second coat will bring the painting cost higher than the cost of resurfacing your existing stucco.  


Q. "I am planning on adding some new trim boards to my new garage, when should they be applied?"

A. After the first base coat (Scratch Coat) you should apply your trims, then we'll apply our brown and finish coats up to the trims.


Q. "Should I paint my trims before or after the stucco installation?"

A.  Painting the trims prior to installation of the stucco would mean that you have less "cutting in" afterwards. You will have to "touch up" the trims after the stucco application, but it will be much less work.


Q. "How do I test to see if my stucco has been painted?"

A. Throw a glass of water on the existing stucco, if it runs off it has been painted, if it darkens the stucco colour and absorbs in, it hasn't been painted. 


Q. "Will I get cracks in my new stucco?"

A. Yes stucco can get hairline cracks, they are more visible on smoother finishes. These hairline cracks are caused by movement in the earth, expansion and contraction of framing beneath the stucco, blasting in the neighbourhood, etc. These fine hairline cracks are usually no cause for concern.  


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